Polyamorous Intentions

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine updated his Facebook status with his intention to embrace a lifestyle of polyamory. While I have no polyamorous intentions of my own and I do not want a romantic bond with a man who does, I respect the rights of others to make this choice for themselves. My respect for this particular friend was heightened by his honesty. He put his intentions out there for all to see and he is giving the gals he is intimate with no false impression that she is his only love. While I would not want a romantic bond with my friend, were he otherwise a romantic match for me, I can still be his friend.  In my view, his honesty makes my dear beautiful friend a very noble young man.

I am a pair bonder and I would ask any man who loves me to respect me with the same level of honesty as this dear friend shared in his Facebook status. My hope is that, if a man is not a pair bonder and he has no intentions of pair bonding with me, he will love and respect me enough to keep the bond between us platonic.

Whether we choose polyamory or pair bonding, it would be a better world and we could all experience a higher level of trust and respect, if we could simply be honest about our relationships and our intentions.


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Is There Danger in Searching For Spirituality?

Last night, I attended Kenny Peake’s Integral Consciousness class.  After class, Cora asked a couple of us how we knew we wouldn’t encounter something evil in our search for spirituality.  Actually, she was addressing my friend but he said he worried about this sometimes, as well, and he walked away.  So, I butted in and told Cora that I would like to share my perspective with her.  Fortunately, she told me that she found my intrusive perspective encouraging, so I’ve decided to share my thoughts with the readers of this blog, as well.

Cora, I don’t believe that anyone or anything is inherently evil.  I believe that the energies of pure love and light are the most powerful forces in the universe and, with those energies, the things we perceive as evil can be transformed into something beautiful.  I believe that, as long as our intention is set upon spreading love and light, we will do no harm to ourselves or to others.  On the rare occasion in which I have sensed a malevolent energy/entity, I have either projected energy towards that being or I’ve asked for protection and the unwanted energy seemed to dissipate.

The one time I projected energy towards what I sensed as a malevolent entity, I was holding and consoling my dog as he was just beginning to have a seizure.  I felt what I perceived, at the time, as an evil entity hovering above us.  In my determination to protect my dog, I asked for protection and allowed my energy to shoot out through the top of my head towards the unwanted energy or entity.  I felt the heavy and negative energy disappear and Taz recovered without going into a full blown seizure.  Mind you, this happened at least five years ago.  I no longer believe there exist entities that are inherently evil, only entities that are vibrating at a lower level and need a loving energy to lift them to a higher state.

X-ray: NASA/CXC/PSU/L. Townsley et al.; Infrared: NASA/JPL/PSU/L. Townsley et al.

I seldom encounter any ominous energies.  In fact, I can only remember experiencing this a couple of times.  Most recently, while in meditation, I saw the shadowy image of a dragon-like creature.  I didn’t know that it was malevolent and I really wasn’t frightened, but a little fear of the unknown prompted me to ask for protection, just in case.  Then, I continued to project the energies of love and peace.  I had a sense that I had connected with angels during this meditation and it was their help I requested when I asked for protection.  To my utter amazement, I saw the shadowy entity transformed into a beautiful creature of light just before it disappeared.  I laughed gleefully as I thanked the angels, asking if I had really seen what I thought I had just seen.

Were these experiences simply the musings of an overactive imagination.  Perhaps.  But, all I can do is share my experiences and hope that, in doing so, they might help someone in their moment of need.

As I thought of Cora this morning, it seems a few additional thoughts were divinely sent to my mind.  Cora, in your pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, walk away from anything that makes you feel anxious, gives you a queasy feeling in your stomach, tightens your jaw, or causes any other uncomfortable sensations in your body.  I would pursue the things that invoke a sense of peace, tranquility, or relaxation.  If you ever do encounter something you perceive as evil, immediately ask for protection and KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have received that protection.

Cora, I hope these thoughts bring you peace and encouragement and I wish you safe and glorious journeys in your search for ultimate spirituality.

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Spread Unconditional Love Abolish Hatred

Today, I saw a sign displaying the message “Love People. Hate Sin.”  Certainly, this is a nice sentiment.  We should strive to love people in spite of their actions.  I’m just not so sure that it is a good thing to “hate” anything.  Even if we do believe we have all the answers and we can clearly discern what is “sinful”, isn’t hatred in itself “sinful”?  Hatred for a person’s actions could easily be misconstrued as hatred for the individual himself.  I think we might better serve ourselves and others when we focus on projecting unconditional love and peace rather than focusing on the hatred we feel towards our actions and others’ actions.

“Sin” and adversity are very powerful teachers.  Without “sin” and adversity we might never learn the lessons needed for us to grow into the enlightened higher beings we were born to become.  Please understand that I am preaching to myself as strongly as I am to the authors of that sign.  These are simply the thoughts that came to my mind immediately upon my initial response of being impressed by the message I read on that sign.  It’s not easy to feel and project unconditional love towards those we feel have harmed us in some way.  A few years back, a friend of mine felt that he got a very clear revelation about unconditional love.  At the end of this revelatory message, he heard a voice telling him, “I don’t expect you to get it perfect right away.  I just expect you to be better at it tomorrow than you are today.”  If we strive to be better at projecting unconditional love each day, perhaps, one day, we wont have to work so hard at it.

On a final note, while I’m quibbling over semantics a little bit, just to make my point, the primary message that we should love people in spite of their actions is a very nice message and I applaud the church which chose to display these words on their marque, even though I’d have preferred it if they would have left “hate” out of the message entirely.

Peace, Love, and Harmony be with you today and always.

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